Автор Тема: WHAT IS BUCCANEER V2?  (Прочитано 77 раз)


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« : Декабрь 16, 2020, 10:40:37 pm »


Here's a conversational script for you, like you're discussing dialogue, it's meant to be like you talking.

Buccaneer V2 (BUCC) is an on-chain privacy token that works, runs and is native to Ethereum, as a smart contract. Think about it. This means, this is the number one privacy solution, in the world, for cryptocurrency. A token that cannot be 51% attacked, because it’s chain is Ethereum’s. Even, the nodes cannot be stopped, unless you stop Ethereum and that isn’t going to happen. A token, which can work on any DEX, forever and always.

What BUCC claims to be is quite revolutionary, in of itself as a concept. It’s a censorship resistant token, that helps hide addresses and balances, thus preserving wealth. So, if you believe Ethereum will become the de facto operating system, then obviously there must be a privacy solution native to that world. Insert BUCC, which operates through an address scrambler that makes all possibilities past, present.

In essence, by taking all previous interacted addresses and making them a possibility, you get an ever-expanding web of possibilities, that a sender could send to. The caveat of course, is that Ethereum or rather it’s foundation, the Ethereum alliance, would amend itself to deal with BUCC. But, I would argue the very same socio-political pressures that are present today, that prevent the Ethereum Alliance from creating an innate form of privacy inside itself, would be the same pressures that would prevent BUCC from being wiped out. Namely, that of the Ethereum community itself self-destructing to stop one token.

That is exactly the power a privacy protocol would have on Ethereum, because it could be built upon through additional smart contracts. It could scale. Which is what I’ve seen personally, the dev advocating for, the use and extension of this protocol. So, where does the token fit into all of this? Well, obviously you need some sort of medium to transact with and also, you need to set standards for transactions, through fees and rewards for the community, through farming rewards… which is what already exists.

BUCC has both a farm (https://buccfarm.eth) and it has a serverless API (https://buccapi.eth) for it’s transactions to create privacy. What will be exciting to see, are the future products that can be scaled out from this. I would argue that in the standards of today, privacy is more important than ever, particularly with a global medium like Ethereum. If you want to find out more you can go to their website (https://buccaneer.eth) or buy some from Uniswap, https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0xd5a7d515fb8b3337acb9b053743e0bc18f50c855.