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BTXC for decentralized betting exchange

Bettex coin - is a digital cryptocurrency with POS/Masternodes implementation, developed on the xevan algorithm.
Our main idea is to set up a decentralized betting exchange based on the blockchain,
where a cryptocurrency Bettex coin will be used as a means of payment.
Decentralized betting exchange "Bettex" will be based on the blockchain. It will follow
the principles of decentralization, a distributed network, cryptography, etc.
We will eliminate many problems of the gambling industry by using the basic cryptoindustry concepts in "Bettex project"
Bets with "Bettex" will become more available, reliable and secure!

Please read more about our idea in white paper and see the roadmap.

We are interested in developing a friendly community around our project and our coin.
Therefore, we created various airdrop and bounty programs at the beginning of our project.
In the future, we plan to play more valuable prizes, such as an entire masternode and several POS-sized awards for members of our community.

One-click shell script and a guide to install a Bettex coin masternode.

One-click Bettex coin masternode deployment:
[GIN Platform] [Gentarium Platform] [ZCMS]
We are now listed on

The Bettex coin development team has been verified by KYD

Minimum stake age - before 86400 blocks is 6 hours, after - 12 hours
Premine - 1,000,000 BTXC (all premined BTXC will be burnt in block 550500)

Buy, Sell & Trade BTXC