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Globy Coin, a Better World is within everyone's Grasp! We are a coin, which is safe, fast, economical and truly eco friendly. In its essence Globy Coin wants to create a better world, with benefits for everybody.we are going to start projects for the local environment, as well as global ones. While our coin is becoming stable, and able to produce these projects the initial investors will benefit from the ROI from the start. As the projects desire originates to create a better world, we need to reduce the heavy energy consumption, which is being caused by mining farms. As for blockchain technology mining, it is clear that we have reached a point of no return, looking from a environment friendly perspective, this is why globycoin has decided to implement the PoS Protocol, which reduces energy consumption tremendously, and is environmentally friendly and efficient.  We believe this protocol will takeover the preference from mining in the near future, and with this we believe our Globycoin will become the most innovative currencies. Globycoin will be one of the safest, fastest coins to date compared to the competitors we have right now, through our projects and the coin we believe that everybody will be given a opportunity to earn money while investing in our planet to create a better environment, this is a true coin for everyone.

Priority goal of Globycoin
1. Is to  help the poor and needy in disadvantaged areas of the globe. We can choose to donate local institutions or aid groups of the communities choice.

2. Will order to supplies of food, water, medicine, education, medical facilities, etc. However our main intention is to help educate the population so we can build a foundation and not just provide aid.

3.  GlobyCoin will also to preserve local Environment, or even import plants and animals to help sustain the local ecosystem and help create a safe haven for endangered species of that region, which will create a natural oasis for the animals..

4. Our aim main aim is  to  be able to  make these projects self sustainable, generating a profit from Masternodes, and Prices From Exchanges . Our Intention is to use 30% of the entire profit, generated by the Globy projects, to further develop and create new projects.

All investors, will help create not only a truly independent charity organization, but a organization that will continue to try and improve global environment issues, and with the help of the community, Globy Coin will add Improvements to the project in the future.               


Eco-friendly-proof of stake-trasparent ledger-fast transaction-fast confirmation

English : https://globycoin.org/pdf/whitepaper-en.pdf
Ukrainian : https://globycoin.org/pdf/whitepaper-ukr.pdf
Filipino : https://globycoin.org/pdf/whitepaper-fili.pdf
Chinese : https://www.globycoin.org/pdf/whitepaper-cn.pdf

Special Discount on private sale for first 10 masternodes,dm on discord


Coin name : Globycoin
coin abbreviation : GLB
Algorythm : xevan
block reward : 777  decrease 5% every 250.000 blocks till to blocks 2.500.000
coin supply :
Block every : 120 seconds
premine : yes
premine percent : 5% = 500.000.000
coinbase maturity : 20
number of confirmation : 6
minimum coin age : 12 hours
pos interest per year % : masternode 75%,pos 25%
to run a masternode : 150.000 coins
minimum transaction : 0.0001/Kb
maximum block size : 4 Mb
Pos difficult : difficulty retargeting every block

POW from block 1 to 2000
POS from block 2001

Has 5% Premine that will be used  for masternodes presale,Bounties,Exchange Listing,masternodes stats site,hire employees and to continue further development for globycoin like upcoming Integrations and much more as Listed in our Roadmap.Thanks for your support!
We are here to leave a tangible sign in the world of cryptocurrencies and we like to help people in need.We come from various parts of Europe, but the team is constantly evolving, no important member or false profile,modest people not hungry for profit, humble people who dedicate themselves to the cause, you will find us every day available on social channels , we want globy go to Mars,Thanks in advance.

Website launch
Coin launch
Bitcointalk announcements
Social network pages (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit and youtube)
Bounty and airdrop 
Masternode presale
Hire employees
Exchange listing

Continuous development of the currency, blockchain and wallets
Exchange listing
Coinmarketcap or similar listing
Masternode.pro or similar listing
Start to donate to charitable associations

Advertising Video Creations
Advertising events
Listing on medium exchange.
Wallet for ios and study for app android
Continue to donate to charitable associations

Development of app  “ Civilization”
Development App for Android and ios
Implementing payments in Coinpayment
Search Sponsors and Partners
Continuous development of the coin and wallets
Continue to donate to charitable associations

Development of micro loans donation
Development of Globy gift card
Study about the Oasis project for Flora and fauna
Study about  Independent charitable organization
Continuous development of the coin and wallets

Continuous evolution on the whole project
Search and implement new tecnology
Continuous development of the coin and wallets

Continuous evolution on the whole project
Continue to donate to charitable associations



i am pleased to announcement we are applying and waiting reply from yobit and stocks.exchange

Masternode stats

youtube video
and so on

From website :
https://globycoin.org/download/globycoin.Windows.  Windows 32 bit
From github
https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore/releases/download/ Windows 64 bit
https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore/releases/download/ Windows 64 bit
https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore/releases/download/ Linux/Ubuntu 64 bit


How to setup your masternode


Web : https://globycoin.org
explorer :
telegram : https://t.me/globycoin
bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4623795.0
twitter : https://twitter.com/globycoin
discord : https://discord.gg/XTayPja
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Globycoin
youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDXHp0ik3Tq_xCPXulHMLw
reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/Globycoin
github : https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore
email : info@globycoin.org