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The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Masternode Ecosystem


MNOS stands for Masternode Operating System, which is a One-Stop-Solution System for Masternodes. MNOS system provides most powerful infrastructure for masternode investors. It consists of MN monitor/stats service, MN hosting(both full-node and shared-node), MN ICO platform, MN coin exchange, MN coin payment gateway, MN coin online e-wallet, mobile platform and etc. In a word, MNOS system offers multiple masternode-related services in one place in where users can use all the service by using one account. The list of potential features of the platform can be infinitely extended, and will continue growing as the platform evolves.


The main goal of MNOS is to bring masternodes to the masses. What MNOS aims to cater to its users is a complete experience of accessing the available masternode services and products in the same place. On the other hand,  MNOS system provides our users with infrastructure services to break those technical barriers and make the deployment of masternodes easy and simple.


MNOS coin will be used to pay for the services on MNOS Platform.

Symbol - MNOS
Algorithm - Lyra2Z
Type - POW & MN
Address Starts - M
Block Reward - 16 MNOS
Block Time - 120s
Max Supply - 21M MNOS
Premine - 4%
Difficulty Retarget - DGWv3
P2P Port - 6555
RPC Port - 6556
MN Collateral - 1,500 MNOS
MN Reward - 50%
Multi-Wallet Support - yes


Block Rewards:

50% For MN
50% For Miners

Instamine Protection: (For the first week: 1 - 5040 blocks)

1-15 blocks: 1 MNOS
16-60 blocks: 2 MNOS
61-720 blocks: 4 MNOS
721-1,440 blocks: 6 MNOS
1441-5040 blocks: 8 MNOS
Afterwards: 16 MNOS

Super-Block Rewards: (MNOS provides Super-Block Rewards)

Hourly Super-Block: X2 Payout  (Each 30 Blocks)
Daily Super-Block: X4 Payout  (Each 720 Blocks)
Weekly Super-Block: X8 Payout  (Each 5040 Blocks)

   //SuperBlock Rewards
    if(nPrevHeight % 5040 == 0)
        nSubsidy *= 8; //Weekly SuperBlock (X8 Payout Every 5040 Blocks)
    else if(nPrevHeight % 720 == 0)
        nSubsidy *= 4;  //Daily SuperBlock (X4 Payout Every 720 Blocks)
    else if(nPrevHeight % 30 == 0)
        nSubsidy *= 2;  //Hourly SuperBlock (X2 Payout Every 30 Blocks)

Rewards Decrease:

Block Reward Decrease 10% Each 64,800 Blocks (~ 3 months) After #5040 Block

Estimated ROI

Note: Only 30 MNs will be sold during the public-sale phrase (Block 1-5040)


PRE-ANN on Bitcointalk: July 12th
Website AND Whitepaper Launch: July 13th
Blockchain Launch (Code & Wallets & Explorer): Tuesday, July 17th 2018, @2pm UTC (Countdown)
Public-Sale Start: Tuesday, July 17th 2018, @4pm UTC
Bounty Campaigns Start : July 17th


MNOS Public Sale will start after the blockchain launch on Tuesday, July 17th 2018, @4pm UTC and last till we reach 5040 blocks. A total of 30 MNs will be sold during the public sale. The price of MNOS will increase 10 % each day until all the MNs are sold. And everyone can buy up to 3 MNs. More detailed information will be post here in the near future.

Day 1: $1.5/MNOS - $2,250/MN
Day 2: $1.65/MNOS - $2,475/MN
Day 3: $1.8/MNOS - $2,700/MN
Day 4: $2/MNOS - $3,000/MN
Day 5: $2.2/MNOS - $3,300/MN
Day 6: $2.4/MNOS - $3,600/MN
Day 7: $2.65/MNOS - $3,975/MN


July 2018

Website & Whitepaper
MNOS Blockchain Launch
Wallets & Explorer Release
Masternode Setup Script
Public Sale
Bounty Campaigns
Alpha Version Platform Release
CryptoBridge Listed
MNO Listed

August 2018

MN Monitor/Stats Service
MN (Full-Node) Hosting Service
PaperWallet Release
CoinExchange Listed
CMC Listed
Advertising on Social Medias (Google, Facebook, Twiter)

September 2018

MN (Shared-Node) Hosting Service
Website & Platform Redesign
Cryptopia Listed

More detailed information will be updated in the near futrue.


       Note: All the rewards will be paid in MNOS after the launch within 7-14 days.

       ANN Thread Translation Bounty


1.Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
2.Machine-translated (e.g. Google Translate) content will not be accepted.
3.To Reserve a translation, please PM us on Bitcointalk with atleast 3 previous translation examples and wait for approval.
4.Translators need to finish the translation in 3 days and then send the link to your local thread to us.
5.Translators need to keep your language’s thread updated.

Reward: 100 MNOS / Language


Arabic - disantes
Russian - anayurik
Vietnamese - blood.maple.0401

       Discord Invite Bounty


1.The Discord Invite Campaign ends on July 23rd 2018, @2pm UTC
2.The minimum number of invites to get the reward is 10
3.Spammers and cheaters will not be paid and banned


0.5 MNOS Per Invite
Extra rewards for the TOP 5 inviters:
TOP 1: 150 MNOS
TOP 2: 120 MNOS
TOP 3: 100 MNOS
TOP 4: 80 MNOS
TOP 5: 60 MNOS


       Mining Pool Bounty


1.Mining pool should be ready after the launch in one hour.
2.To Reserve a bounty, please PM us on Bitcointalk.
3.Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Only First 5 Mining Pools will get paid


200 MNOS Per Mining Pool

More Bounty Campaigns Will Start on July 18th.


We are looking for the some talents to join our team: community managers, moderators, tech supporters, UI designers and etc. Or you maybe just have done some works like this before. Feel free to talk to us via PM/Discord/Email.

Email: contact@mnos.io
Discord: MNOS#6902(ID:466614608690675713)
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/TanPkgq