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BuyHouseNow | Github | Discord

Buy House Now / It's not just a Coin.

is a decentralized peer-to-peer crypto-currency.

It's the next step forward towards bringing changes and awareness to the crypto-currency world and the general public as well as integrating it into various merchants and service providers.

BHN Coin fast confirmation times making it perfect for day to day use and purchasing of goods/services as well as introduces a promotion system which incetivizes people to spread the word making the coin gain global awareness since a crypto which isn't used or known about is useless now matter how innovative.

The coin works on a principle of rewarding people for spreading the word, increasing demand of the coin which will further encourage merchants to accept it.

Thus anyone without strong mining software can contribute and humanly ''mine'' these coins trough effort.

BUY House NOW (BHN)  has 2 % of Premine that will be used for Airdrops, Bounties and to listing on exchanges. To start the website with various integrations which accepts BHN as payment for various house land project wee have online chat in the wp next step its tou born you mony with digital contract tou buy your house bud only for mn holders of BHN more then 4 monts hu have more nodes  get privilig of credit  . To Develop Android/IOS Wallets and much more which is listed on the Roadmap and further TIEUPs with govt / private agencie

Coin Information:
PoW Algorithm: X11
Symbol: BHN
Difficulty Re-target : Every Blocks
Block Time: 60 seconds
Block Reward: 5 - 10 Coins per block
Mature confirmation : 101 Blocks
Max Supply: 30 Million Coins [PoW 15 Million + PoS 15 Million]
PoW stage last for 5 days
PoS interest: 35% annually [ PoS Start after PoW ended]
Min age PoS 1 Days
Max age PoS 30 Days
Premine 2% - 35000 Coins
Wallet-Port: 20001
RPC-Port: 20002

Reward Information:


Wallet Download's

Windows x64 | Linux x64


Quick Start BHN.conf

Masternode Setup Script:
wget https://blockxplorer.info/auto_mn_bhn.sh --no-check-certificate
chmod +x auto_mn_bhn.sh


Translation Bounty


We pay for each translation 10 BHN

Invite Bounty

1. 150 BHN
2. 100 BHN
3. 75 BHN
4. 50 BHN
5. 25 BHN

BuyHouseNow | Github | Discord