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DirhamCoin - AED

A Greener Future is DirhamCoin - AED
Green Economy | Staking Wallet | Masternodes

The DirhamCoin distributed network stretches across the globe with seed nodes covering the USA, Europe and reaching as far as Australia.
After block 10000 the DirhamCoin distributed network will be secured exclusively by staking wallets and masternodes.
Through the DirhamCoin distributed network, utilising AED we open a gateway to a global greenmarket trading platform for renewable energy.
DirhamCoin positions itself to be the future of green digital currency finance, production and renewable energy.

Coin Specs
Ticker: AED
Coin name: DirhamCoin
Algo: Xevan
RPC PORT: 15414
PORT: 15415
Total coins: Unlimited
Anti Instamine: Block 200
Premine: 10800000
Masternode Collateral: 5000 to 45000
Masternode Payments start: Block 500
Masternode percentage: 70% / 30%
Source credit: PIVX

Holding 5000AED to 45000AED in a DirhamCoin wallet transforms the wallet into Green Masternodes.
MasterNodes with 5000AED to 10000AED position the holder to obtain a higher rate of earning over those staking.
MasterNodes with 15000AED to 20000AED position the holder to obtain a higher rate of earning over those staking
as well as obtain voting rights to help steer the direction of DirhamCoin. MasterNodes with 45000AED position the holder
to obtain a higher rate of earning over those staking, obtain voting rights to help steer the direction of DirhamCoin as well
as influence decisions making.

Contributing to DirhamCoin not only pays back a good return on investment,
it will immediately reflect on an individual or an organizations approach to a greener
 future and is a great way to position one’s self or business in working to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Website: https://dirhamcoin.com
Exchange: https://dirhamcoin.com/about-us#exchanges
Whitepaper: https://dirhamcoin.com/downloads/AED-white-paper-Technincal.pdf
Explorer: http://explorer.dirhamcoin.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dirhamofficial
Discord: https://discord.gg/2Wbayqp

Buy masternodes through the website: https://dirhamcoin.com/register
Buy masternodes through Discord: https://discord.gg/RXkNDWD

DirhamCoin has a strategic and consistent road map with clear achievable goals.
DirhamCoin will start expanding the development team once the ICO finishes.
Investors can check back for updates on their account page, Twitter or Bitcoin Talk to review progress.
DirhamCoin has already partnered up with several green companies that have invested into AED as means of developing Hydro,
 Wind, Solar and Thermal energy. Green Houses and Hydroponics are part of the service offering and will all be facilitated through
DirhamCoin's “Green Market”, “Green Nodes” and “Green Exchange

Linux Wallet:

Raspberry Wallet

Mac Wallet:


Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)