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RECO - Rentcoin

The global market for renting real estate, renting cars and other transport is a very large amount of investment. It is also a market of big risks and speculation. We are developing a project that will transparently conduct such transactions. Decentralized system based on the blockchain, distributes resources and guarantees the security and transparency of transactions.

This is an important component of systems based on blockchain technology. The scheme of the network includes the introduction of the latest developments in this direction.

Masternodes guarantee network stability, its security and reliability. Owners of masternodes receive a reward for maintaining the network of crypto-currencies.

POS (Proof of stake)  Get a reward. The more coins you have, the higher your reward. This is a good defense against manipulation of the network and currency.



We deicided to hold an invite company. We will pay you 1 RECO coin for every 2 real people invited to our discord server. Fakes will be banned. All payments would be done after the listing at Crypto-Bridge. Check your invites you can in #invite-bounty  channel on Discord: https://discord.gg/4Yq2eVx

Our Discord:

Our Github:


We are creating a project that should become a convenient tool for the work of not only professionals offering their services in the field of rent, but also for those who use these services.

Our goal is to create a platform that will be stable and interesting financially for all participants!

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